What is this Course about?

Learn to Sew, Mastering the Basics is a sewing course for new beginners. It is designed for women who have no prior experience, those who have never touched a sewing machine before. The lessons are structured with the beginner in mind. Techniques are demonstrated step-by-step, with lots of details, making it easy for the beginner to follow along.

The key to success when learning to sew is mastering the basics. The four basic steps that lead to success in this course are: Cut It - Stitch It - Press It - Finish It. The steps are outlined strategically, allowing for a natural progression during the learning process.

When you remove all distractions, it's easier to focus on the important steps that lead to success. In Learn to Sew, Mastering the Basics, we focus solely on techniques that help to build a solid foundation.



Learned So Much

Sewing Course Student

I just finished my first t-shirt! I am excited that I will have t-shirts that are long enough. Learned so much doing this. Thanks Anita.



What Students Are Saying:

Why They're Loving This Course

I am pleased with what I learned

Rosa Maria Fortuño

I finished Module 1 and I am pleased with what I learned. It is detailed, informative, and thorough. The explanation and instructions are in an orderly sequence, easy to understand and follow. The tips you offer along the videos are incredibly helpful for a beginner like myself.

I love how you explain things


I love how you explain things. Please keep treating us like we do not know anything!!! I am enjoying these classes very much and cannot wait to continue.

I feel like I can take on any patterns

Tina Leroy

I'm loving these modules and this course. I'm a visual learner, so after looking at the pattern fitting book, I was confused about the different methods, pivoting, sliding, etc. After watching Ms. Anita's clear and precise demonstration, I feel like I can take on any patterns.

Taking this class was an excellent decision

Floretta Singleterry

Anita Morris is one of the best teachers I've experienced when it comes to clear, step-by-step instructions. I am beyond excited. Taking this class was an excellent decision and I am so grateful I did.

I've learned so much as a beginner


Oh my goodness! I've learned so much as a beginner. I didn't realize how important pressing and ironing were. Wow! It makes a big difference.

Even my husband said my stitches were getting better


Even my husband said the other day that my stitches were getting better and that when I was trying to do some top stitching it was the best I've done, EVER! All because of your wonderful techniques and instructions.

I was so impressed with your instruction and techniques


I just finished Module 5 late last night. I was so impressed with your instruction and techniques. I am so excited about this sewing course and can't wait to start sewing. I will continue practicing my cutting, stitching, and seams until I really get it. Thanks again for your great instruction.

I have, no joke, said prayers of thanks


If it were not for you, I wouldn't get this second chance to get it right this time. I own amazing machines and tools, yet was not successful. The first few videos showed me why - things I did not get in other courses were what I needed to be successful. You are an amazing educator and I have, no joke, said prayers of thanks for you and this opportunity.

Finally done with the first project. It fits perfectly.


Finally done with the first project. I absolutely love this skirt. It fits perfectly. Thank you Ms. Anita by Design for all that you've taught us so far. I'm looking forward to the second and third projects.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What to Expect

  • 2


    • How to Choose a Sewing Machine

    • Sewing Machine Parts

    • Sewing Machine Accessories

    • Using the Sewing Machine

  • 3


    • Pressing Tools

    • Cutting Tools

    • Measuring Tools

    • Marking Tools

    • Pattern Anchoring Tools

    • Pattern Drafting Tools

    • Build a Sewing Library

  • 4

    Module 3: CUT IT (Part 1)

    • How to take Body Measurements

    • How to use a Dress Form

    • How to Read a Pattern

    • How to Measure a Pattern

    • Bust Pattern Adjustments

    • Hip Pattern Adjustments

    • Length Pattern Adjustments

    • Swayback Pattern Adjustment

    • Merging Pattern Lines

    • Fitting Next Steps

  • 5

    Module 3: CUT IT (Part 2)

    • How to Choose Fabrics

    • How to Pre-Treat Fabrics

    • How to Layout Fabric and Pattern

    • How to Cut Fabric

    • How to Transfer Pattern Markings to Fabric

  • 6

    Module 4: STITCH IT

    • Learn the Basic Machine Stitches

    • How to Stitch in the Ditch

    • How to Finish Seam Allowances

    • How to Shape Garments with Darts

  • 7

    Module 5: PRESS IT

    • How to Press Seams

    • How to Stabilize Fabric

  • 8

    Module 6: FINISH IT

    • How to Install Zippers - Part 1

    • How to Install Zippers - Part 2

    • How to Install Buttonholes & Buttons

    • How to Insert Elastic

    • How to Insert a Hand Stitched Hem

    • How to Sew a Machine Stitched Hem

    • How to Sew a Curved Hem

    • Hemming Knits

  • 9

    Module 7: LET'S SEW / A-LINE SKIRT

    • INTRODUCTION (Watch This First)

    • Design A-Line Skirt Pattern

    • Cut & Sew Muslin

    • Fit & Alter Muslin

    • Choosing Fabric & Yardage

    • Layout & Cut A-Line Skirt

    • SEW ALONG: A-Line Skirt (PART 1)

    • SEW ALONG: A-Line Skirt (PART 2)

  • 10

    Module 8: LET'S SEW / PENCIL SKIRT

    • Choosing Fabric

    • Design a Pencil Skirt Pattern

    • Cut & Sew Muslin

    • Fit & Alter Muslin

    • Layout & Cut Pencil Skirt

    • SEW ALONG: Pencil Skirt

  • 11

    Module 9: LET'S SEW / T-SHIRT

    • Sewing with Knit Fabric

    • Draft T-Shirt Front & Back

    • Cut, Sew & Alter

    • Design T-Shirt Sleeve & Neckband

    • Sew Sleeve

    • Sew Neckband

  • 12


    • Practice Your Skills


I Couldn't Have Done It Without You

Sewing Course Student

Your sewing course really helped me. My A-Line Skirt came out sooo professional and I couldn't have done it without you. Looking forward to the next assignment.

Who is this Course for?

This Course is for you if:

  • You've never sewn a garment before.

  • You're tired of buying clothes that don't fit your body or personal style.

  • You're tired of shopping online and not getting what was advertised.

  • You're tired of paying extra money to have your clothes altered by a tailor.

  • You're retired and looking for a new hobby.

  • You need a refresher because you forgot what you learned in home economics class years ago.

  • You never learned to sew the proper way so your garments don't look great.

  • You're tall and everything you buy is too short.


You're just 4-Steps away from creating your first garment!

Why Should I Join This Course?

3 Great Reasons

  • Clothes that Fit

    You're tired of going into department stores and local boutiques and not being able to find clothes that fit your own body and personal style.

  • Quality Garments

    You've tried ordering clothes online, but when they show up at your front door, they don't look like what was advertised on the website, and the quality is poor.

  • Amazing Instructor

    You want an online experience with someone who will teach you the basics, step-by-step, with lots of details and make you feel like they're sitting right next to you.


Anita Morris

Anita Morris is the Founder of the popular DIY fashion brand, Anita by Design. After launching her Blog and YouTube channel in 2016, she quickly became highly respected as the go-to person for anyone seeking to learn how to sew for the first time. She has gained popularity in the sewing community with her 4-STEP method of teaching beginners the basics of garment sewing. Anita's ability to think like a beginner puts her in a unique position to see the needs of those with no experience. She has taught thousands of people to sew for the first time and is applauded most for her attention to detail by including every step in her teaching process. Anita is well known in the sewing community for her joyful personality, big smile, and inspirational messages.


Are you ready? I'm waiting for you inside. Let's GO!



  • What do I need to get started?

    Once you purchase the course, you will receive a list of equipment and tools needed for the course in the Welcome & Introduction. All items purchased will serve you along your sewing journey, even after you complete the course.

  • How much time do I need to invest?

    The amount of time you spend working on the course is your decision. I recommend dedicating 30 minutes to 1 hour each day to practice the techniques being taught. The more you practice the better you become at mastering your skills.

  • How long will it take for me to learn how to sew?

    You have full control over how quickly or slowly you learn the techniques. Some skills will be easier to learn than others. The more time you invest in working on the course, the better you will become at mastering the skills. The most important thing to remember is that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Take your time and build a solid foundation. You have 1-Year from the date you enroll to complete the course before it expires.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    1-YEAR! You will have full access to all course content for 12 months from the date you enroll. If you need more time to complete the course you have the option to extend your student access before it expires. Extension offers are for 2, 4, 6 or 12 months.

  • Do I need to have any experience to take this course?

    No. This course is designed for the new beginner. There is no assumption that you have any experience. The instructor demonstrates the techniques step-by-step, with lots of details so that you will be able to follow along without missing anything.

  • How does the course work?

    After enrolling in the course you will receive a welcome email with a list of course resources you will need to get started. The first video in the course is a welcome that outlines the curriculum. Immediately after enrolling, you have access to all modules in the course and can begin watching the pre-recorded videos at your own pace. It is recommended that you work through the modules in the order they are outlined. The course is yours to use as much as you desire for 12 months from the date you enroll.

  • Do I have to participate in the Facebook Group?

    No. The Private Facebook Group is for those who wish to engage with other students, ask questions, and share progress. Anita also engages with the students there and goes Live once in a while to share information. While it's highly recommended, it is optional.

  • Do you accept monthly payments?

    No. The enrollment fee is a one-time payment. Once you pay to enroll, you have access to the course for 1-Year.

  • What is the Refund Policy?

    Learn to Sew, Mastering the Basics is NON-REFUNDABLE, Please take the time to read through the information on this page to be sure that the content included meets your needs before purchasing. We do not offer refunds for any reason. No Exceptions.


  • Does this course use re-purposed videos?

    No! Every lesson contains fresh content that was created specifically for this course. No videos/tutorials from other Anita by Design platforms were copied to this course.

  • Will there be live video lessons?

    No. All lessons are pre-recorded in advance so that students will not miss anything.

  • Will I need to purchase patterns?

    No! You will learn how to read, layout, and cut patterns. But we do not use commercial patterns in the course to sew our garments because they eventually go out of print. To avoid the risk of you not having access to a pattern that is no longer available, we design our own basic, beginner patterns. Drafting your own patterns, in the beginning, will help you to better understand commercial patterns.

  • Will I learn every fitting adjustment I need for my body?

    No! You will learn basic fitting adjustments, some of the most common. Then you will be introduced to resources that you can use to further enhance your fitting skills. It is not possible to address every person's fitting needs in one course.

  • Will all of my garments fit perfectly after taking this course?

    You will learn basic fitting techniques that are common to many bodies. However, it is not possible to address every person's fitting issues in one course. Because our bodies are unique, what works for one person may not yield the same result for the next. Therefore, learning to make every fit adjustment for your particular body is an ongoing journey that requires an investment of time beyond the scope of this course.

  • Do you guarantee that I will learn how to sew my own garments?

    You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to sew your own garments. However, your success is solely dependent upon your level of understanding and effort. We do not make any direct claims or guarantees concerning your success.

  • What if I already know how to sew? Can I still take this course?

    You are welcome to take the course if you already know how to sew. However, the course is designed for new beginners who have no prior experience. All lessons are very detailed, assuming you have zero knowledge.

  • What if I have questions? How will I contact you?

    The quickest way to get your questions answered is by joining the private Facebook Group after you enroll. The other option is to send an email.

  • Will I be able to engage with other students in the course?

    Yes! We have a Private Facebook Group where students ask questions, share their progress and encourage and support each other.


Everything you need to build a solid foundation for sewing your own garments is awaiting you inside the course.



I made skirts that I wear with pride

Sewing Course Student

This course made me comfortable in creating a skirt without a pattern. I was able to make skirts with fabric and patterns that I wore with pride. I even had a few requests to make skirts for neighbors. Imagine one course and I became a seamstress! Thanks Anita!


Mastering the Basics